Architecture is the bones, décor is the heart and art is the soul of a Room

- Terri Lynd Davis

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We believe that the architecture and design of a building is very important but feel that good decoration brings warmth, comfort and personality and is what makes a house a home.

At Décor Road we believe in liaising with our clients to ensure the decoration of their home expresses their personality and brings them balance, beauty and belonging

Our decoration services include

  • Selection of furniture, accessories, rugs, soft furnishings, lighting, and art

  • Furniture placement

  • Custom designed furniture, rugs and soft furnishings

  • Styling



Making the many decisions whilst building or renovating can be daunting.  Décor Road can help assist you and ensure that your design is cohesive, functional and stylish

Our design services include

  • Concept Development

  • Selection of Finishes and Materials

  • Interior and Exterior paint schemes

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Property Styling

Preparing your home for sale is vital for the final outcome and sale price.  As we are specially training designers, we can not only style your home for you but can make suggestions initially on how to make improvements beyond styling and ensure you are marketing a home desired by prospective buyers.  Property Styling gives your house the “wow factor” and sets it apart from the rest. It is therefore a great return on investment and ensure that your home is desired by buyers and ultimately will fetch the price you are hoping.


I am in the process of designing a new home and needed some help to consolidate my design direction. While I've always known what I like and don't like, my previous homes have often lacked cohesion.

I've known Jo from Decor Road for many years, am in awe of her skill and truly admire her projects. She is a genuine interior designer with a disciplined approach. I wanted that carefully curated approach in my next home and knew Jo could deliver. So far her advice has been spot on. I am now progressing with the 'fitout' planning with much greater confidence and will be hiring Jo again when the time comes to decorate.

Jo is a delight to work with and understands not just what should be in a room, but what shouldn't. She also knows how to work with existing pieces and create spaces that work for real life.

Nerida Robinson - Kiama